Sally Raskoff. Fiber Artist.

Expressing oneself through an artistic pursuit is a most important human activity. I see it as necessary for life, not just something we do if we have the time or resources.

Since taking my first weaving class on a table loom in 1999, I realized that I had been 'weaving' since childhood. Those first projects in macramé and on my pot holder and bead looms set in motion dynamics that have flourished.

Now, in the twenty-first century, I weave, spin, braid, knot, coil, ply-split, bead, dye, and basically find ways to put together fibers and other materials to express my response to the natural and social worlds in which I live. And, I still do macramé

Being a technology nerd from way back, I also use photography to inspire, complement, and accentuate my fiber creations.

Life is a journey but we must be sure to take the trip!


Portfolio Gallery of selected projects

My Etsy Store, WeaverSal 

My Pinterest Board on Fiber

Fiber * Art * Nature Blog [Currently on hiatus due to other projects although old posts are accessible] My fiber blog-where I share my tales of inspiration for various projects and would love to discuss with you how art and nature - and fiber - intersect.

Photograph Gallery of weavings and the places that inspire me Photo gallery, shared with my life partner, of those images from our travels that inspire us most.

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