Ply Splitting

Ply-Splitting involves placing one cord through the plies of another cord!
My latest foray into ply-splitting: small vessels and baskets!
Algae Vessel 2014 Convergence
"Algae" Ply-split, Cotton, Tencel 2014
Exhibited 2014 Handweavers Guild of America "Small Expressions" Juried Exhibit, Providence, RI, at the Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, RI
Ply-Split vessel
2013 vessel - Ply-split cotton, tencel, silk

Purple Basket (It's tiny but big enough to hold one special ring)
Ply-Split Rayon
"Creature" Ply-split, Cotton 2009
Exhibited 2010 Handweavers Guild of America "Small Expressions" Juried Exhibit, Albuquerque, NM
Simultaneous Contrast Rainbow
"Simultaneous Contrast Rainbow" Ply-split, Woven, Kumihimo Braided Silk and Cotton, 2010
Exhibited 2012 Designing Weavers "Timeless Textiles" Juried Exhibit, Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Camarillo, CA 

Ply Splitting and Coiling
"Caregiver: Trio" View 1, 2009, cotton
"Caregiver: Trio" View 2, 2009, cotton
"Caregiver: Trio" View 3, 2009, cotton
"Caregiver: The Well" 2009, cotton and acupuncture needles
2015 Concordia University, scarf and vessel
"Insomnia" Scarf and Ply-Split Vessel Cotton, Tencel 2015
Exhibited 2015 "Nocturnal Blues" exhibit, Designing Weavers, at Concordia University, Irvine, CA

Rainbow Scarf, Woven Tencel, 2007
Airy Triangle Scarf, 2005, Woven Rayon
Exhibited 2005, "Designing Weavers":Woodcrafters Design Gallery, Escondido, California

Triangle Scarf, 2004, Woven rayon
Exhibited 2005, "Designing Weavers: A 30 Year Perspective" Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, California

Kumihimo Braiding and Coiling
"One Ring Circus" 2008, Coiled Kumihimo Vessel, Rayon and metal bead
Exhibited 2008, Designing Weavers' "Sideshow", ArtCenter Manatee, Bradenton, FL. "The circus has both light and dark, positive and negative, as people come together forming community - both audience and circus people - yet differences are magnified and life is difficult. The salience of animal involvement is also paramount as it is both joyful and sad as some people relish seeing wild animals up close and personal yet life for the animal is often violent and bereft of a natural habitat and rhythm. Circus life has structure, hence the fully formed coiled kumihimo ring, yet it has its dark side, reflected by the black and red pattern. There is only one ring and one elephant as the others have escaped and gone on an adventure of their own, to live life not as a spectacle but as an adventure to be experienced."

Kumihimo Braiding and Beading

Gemstone Beaded Kumihimo Necklace, 2006

Kumihimo Braiding
Kumihimo Necklace, 2006